The Residence

The Residence



In the history of this place, hospitality is our tradition.

“A great many things happened around here in 1911. This house was one of them.” Ever since then, season after season, it has served as a backdrop for the tranquil gatherings of the families that inhabited it as well as the incessant labouring of the locals – a proud, industrious people.

Accounts say that one of the owners was a cheese merchant, and that he adapted a wing of the house into a storage room for the aging of Parmigiano-Reggiano. 

“Spring was always the best season here; the majestic cherry tree in the garden would fill the air with the fragrance of its blossoms”.

Locals remember that cherry tree fondly. They remember when, just after the war, young passers-by would climb over the fence to savour its delicious fruits. No matter if that would earn them some scolding; the large tree would still be there the following year, ready to delight them once again with its unique sweetness.

“This is the spirit by which the Residence ‘Il Ciliegio’ is born; we strive to offer you the most genuine form of hospitality, day after day, becoming a traditional destination or even just a pleasant way of taking a break along your journey.”


The colours, the elegance and the attention to detail —from the lamps to the painted surfaces and the flooring— are the fundamental elements of the entrance that will create a magical atmosphere, making you realise how lovingly the residence was renovated the very second you step through the door.


Accessible through the entrance or directly from the outside via a large glass door, the kitchen is spacious and decorated in warm colours with special attention to detail. The kitchen is by definition where we can share a moment of pleasure. In the warm season, the outdoor area – which is fitted out with tables and chairs – will be made available for you to enjoy a moment of relax, on your own or with others.


In the morning you can enjoy the rich Italian breakfast in our breakfast room. Natural light streams in through the large windows, making the room warm and inviting.